Brian Steadman making a goofy face on stage


BY: Matt Bridgestone

Sunday, February 21st was a classic night in the world of AC Jokes.  The past few years have had some amazing moments.  There was the night that one dude laughed so hard that he pooped his pants and the night where another guy unscrewed his prosthetic leg and threw it at the comic on stage.  We have seen people flash boobs and others that had to be wheeled out of our show because they hit the booze too hard.  We have even gotten to do the Cha-Cha slide with Mr. C, who wrote it.

February 21st didn’t have that crazy vibe, but it was the kind of night that summed up what AC Jokes is all about.  The show kicked off with our host Petey Rancel, who made his return after being away for many months.  It was great to see his lovely wife Sandra look on in horror as he made a joke about a pregnant girl in the front row having sex while a penis was hitting her unborn baby girl in the head.  I have never seen Petey make himself laugh that hard.  Next up was Buda who was in a particularly good mood because I had brought him some leftover veal parm from Chef Vola’sZach Pickett showed up accidentally thinking he was on the show when he wasn’t supposed to be.  I am so glad he did because he had one of his best sets of the year.  It was bittersweet because this week he is heading to Florida, and isn’t exactly sure when he will be coming back.  Danny G (aka the Sugar Daddy of Comedy) had the tall task of following Zach’s killer set and held his own.  Danny just sold his Atlantic City apartment so it was his last weekend with us for a while also.  Mike Merk was supposed to headline but decided he would rather give that up to Brian Steadman for his birthday.  I put Mike on right before Brian and he yelled at me for giving him the hardest spot in the lineup which is when the servers give everyone their checks.  He said nobody would listen to him and was so mad, and then he went up and had the best set of the night.  Classic Merk.

Last up was Brian Steadman.  Brian discovered us about 2 years ago back when we had shows going at the Caesars mall.  He had a dark history of drug addiction and depression and found comfort in watching comedy and hanging out with us after shows.  Over time he got the itch to try going on stage and he never looked back.  February 21st was his birthday and he got to headline for the first time and absolutely crushed it.  The crowd loved him and by no means did it feel like we did him a favor for his birthday.  It’s amazing how far he has come in such a short amount of time.  Sadly, Gary G. Garcia was up in New York so he was missed, but some of our other great friends came out for the festivities which ended with us singing happy birthday and eating some dope cupcakes cooked up by Budas’ girlfriend Kayla.  The crowd got a real feel for the crazy dysfunctional comedy family that we have over here at AC Jokes.  We fight, we yell, we scream, but in the end, we always seem to find a way to use humor to heal and I wouldn’t want it any other way.