Top 10 Muffin Flavors (Ranked)

BY: Buda The Comedian

What’s the difference between a cupcake and a muffin. I say the icing.  Are you a muffin person? I’m all about the muffin.  Heres My top 10 favorite muffins. What are yours? If you don’t want to read watch the video here 

10. Pumpkin muffin: I’m just tired of pumpkin everything like pumpkin pasta?? Ugh.

9. Chocolate CHOCOLATE Chip muffin: Now here you go, Almost a cupcake but no icing so it’s a muffin. Yum

8. Chocolate Chip: Is it a corn muffins with chocolate chips? No!! That would be amazing. It’s literally a vanilla cup cake with chocolate chips but no icing…. hence a muffin

7. The Coffee cake muffin: Yo. It’s a cinnamon crumb topped vanilla muffin basically a muffin shaped crumb cake.

6. Lemon poppy muffin: Kinda weird, It’s sweet and salty and lemony and all gone.

5. Banana nut: Mmm banana in anything works for me. I’ve even had it used in sushi instead of avocados.  Add nuts to anything and I’m down.

4. Carrot cake muffin: Amazing carrot cake in the shape of a muffin with no icing so it’s a muffin.  Also gone.

3. Pistachio: One of the best things with nuts in it that has ever entered my digestive system. They have to add the post sugar in order to put it out front.

2. Corn muffin: What a classic.  Not corn bread because you cant really slice it. Toasted with butter. Nothing else is better except…….

1. Blueberry Muffin:  The most popular as well as my favorite. Now. The best blueberry muffin in the world is at the Country Kitchen Atlantic City NJ.  They inject their blueberry muffins with yogurt. Hands down the best muffin in the world.

Prove me wrong.  Did I miss your favorite muffin? Let us know.