If a move to Atlantic City, NJ is in your near future, there are some key factors you should know. Located in Atlantic County, the population is just under 40,000 residents which is a diversified ethnicity.

The city’s median income $25,000 with the median home price just over $198,000. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you on the average $800 to $900 a month.

When choosing your home in Atlantic City, NJ, you should consider the school districts, whether you have kids or not.  Residents of Atlantic city with high school diploma is less than 4% and almost 16% have earned a college degree. There are several private and public schools to choose from.

And don’t worry about getting bored in Atlantic City, NJ. There are special events year-round that focus on the arts and the local history. There are chain restaurants and independent restaurants that will satisfy any appetite on any budget. There are several area parks if the outdoors are your thing.