Marlénas McMahon-Purk

Marlénas McMahon-Purk is a native New Yorker who tells jokes around the country. She looked real rough as a teenager, so now she produces “Most Likely To: The Yearbook Photo Roast,” which has been featured in several cities.

Marlénas is a contributing writer for McSweeney’s; Funny or Die; and Gomerblog, the medical satire site. She recently placed in Pitch’s “Best of 2018.” Her brand of absurdist nonfiction has solidified her position as Psychologist’s Favorite Patient for 10+ years.

Marlénas has performed in the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival; Baltimore Comedy Festival; Park Slope Comedy Festival (Brooklyn, NY); Charm City Comedy Festival (Baltimore); Chicago Nerd Comedy Fest (Chicago); Cream City Comedy Festival (Milwaukee); Finger Lakes Comedy Festival (Ithaca); Bechdel Test Fest (Philadelphia); Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (Columbus); Oak City Comedy Festival (Raleigh); LIT Comedy Festival (DC); Cleveland Comedy Festival; and at various venues on the East Coast, including Punch Line, The PIT, and Dangerfield’s.

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