Top 10 Oreo Flavors (Ranked)

BY: Buda The Comedian

Disclaimer: This list will not include the original Oreo due to the fact that if you haven’t had one then I don’t need to know you. Also, I don’t waste money on Oreos “Thins” of any kind. Anyways here’s the list:

10. Candy Corn.  You can only get this flavor around Halloween. As if the original Oreo wasn’t sweet enough this will get you.

9. Mint. If you like mint, then screw a thin mint because this cookie refreshes like no other. It’s good to have on hand in case your planning on kissing someone and can’t brush your teeth. 3 mint Oreos will freshen that dog breath and ready your face for a smooch

8. Lemon. Mmmm. If you like lemon as I do then this is the cookie for you. It’s very lemony and a good change for a flavor in a cookie. I don’t think a double stuff would work on this flavor.

7. Caramel. It’s not an overpowering taste of caramel. Not like in candy. At first, I thought it was coffee.

6. Peanut butter. Meh. Can’t really taste peanut butter as you would on a nutter butter but if you can find Chocolate peanut butter pie Oreos then you’ve got an amazing cookie. Way better than plain old peanut butter.

5. Fire Work Oreos. They only come out around the 4th of July. It’s basically the original Oreo with pop rocks in it which is a nice “surprise-surprise-surprise.” It’s funnier if you say that as Gomer Pile. Just don’t make the mistake of washing it down with a Cola because maybe you’ll find out what happened to Mikey.

4. Fudge covered Oreos. OMFG. One of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. These are hard to find and usually are out around Christmas time. Don’t worry about the price it’s well worth it.

3. Birthday cake. Not sure what is in this cookie to take it over the top but it’s something sweet. Like it has different color crystallized sugar added to the regular “stuff”.

2. Carrot cake. One of the best cookies I’ve ever had. If you like carrot cake and you love that cream cheese icing then this is the cookie for you. You get less cookies in the package for the price but look, Tesla is more expensive than a Hyundai for a reason. So get the Tesla of cookie flavors.

1. Golden birthday cake. It’s like an orgasm of sweet cookie tastebud nectar honey saliva juice that was handpicked by the sugar gods as the body of Christ. Like literally if I was a priest in my church the body of Christ would be this cookie.

So what have we learned? Cookies rule and brownies drool although crunching up Oreos in brownies is what being a fat American is all about.