Gary, Buda, and Bridgestone Implosion Aftermath


BY: Matt Bridgestone

FAKE NEWS NETWORK: ATLANTIC CITY NJ – Trump Tower was imploded shortly after 9 am this morning. The building functioned from 1984 until 2014.  Donald Trump spared no expenses in making Trump Tower the place to be.  He personally tested all of the cocaine that was brought into the property.  Every prostitute went thru a thorough screening where they were all grabbed by the pussy.  The housekeepers not only used bleach to clean, but they also injected it to make sure they stayed healthy.  Nobody ever lost money because no matter how the cards were dealt, the customers were able to claim that the results were fake and needed to be counted again.  It was a glorious time, but today it came to an end as the building was exploded in a demolition that was paid for by Mexico.